Es ist völlig irrwitzig mit irgend etwas anderes machen zu wollen als .


Ich korrigiere: und (letzteres muss ich zum Glück nicht mehr allzu oft machen)

@mirsch We have odoo for the accounting, no need to use Windows there.

@zem I need it for subsidiary occupation only. And don't like to handle a monster like odoo and using it 2 or 3 times a month (if any) ;)

Is odoo able to handle payment based VAT calculation? ("Ist-Versteuerung" in German) Last time I had a look at at odoo it was just able to do invoice based VAT calculation ("Soll-Versteuerung")

And I really love to send tax submissions by just clicking a button :D

payment based vat should be no problem with a slight modification of the report. the interfaces are a problem, as every org creates their own interfaces with maximum complexity.

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